Youth Vision’s Initiative Relieved Laxmi

09 January, 2016

Laxmi maharjan, 37 breathes a sigh of relief as she compares her current situation to that of the past. The support provided by Youth Vision has relieved her to some extent. She received a week long residential care services and nutritional support to her child.

Since July, YV is providing a set of milk and cereal every week. According to Laxmi her baby has gained weight and more teeth have germinated.  She said “My daughter has also become more active mentally and physically”.

When we first met her, Laxmi said “My breast feeding is poising to my daughter.”  She was forced to lactate her 11 months old daughter despite being HIV infected.  But now YV has provided the substitute of breast feeding and saved her baby from potential HIV infection.

Laxmi was reported HIV infection five years back and the source of HIV transmission was her husband who is an injecting drug user. 

She was forced to offer her milk to her daughter because she could merely arrange food and basic amenities for her baby and herself.  More, her husband’s reluctance to bear responsibilities and stigma associated with HIV has congested their lives. Going to bed empty belly is likely most of the time.  

Furthermore, the most pathetic is that the baby used to pierce her breast with her newly grown teeth and swallow the HIV inflicted blood along with the mother’s milk. So the risk behavior was ticking towards the HIV infection to Laxmi’s innocent child too.

Although Laxmi has several impending problems she is very happy towards the people who supported her and YV who bridge to ease her problems to some extent. She also sends blessing to the people who helped her; “May God give them wealth, health and peace and may their work prosper”.

Youth Vision had produced and shared a brief case study among potential generous people and accumulated cash support for this cause.