Youth Vision’s Initiative Relieved Neha Lama

09 January, 2016

Neha Lama 25 has beautified herself internally and she is in course of enriching others appearance as well. She is also happy towards the gradual improvements in the health of her baby.

Neha has been successful to brush off her drug addiction benefiting from the Residential Program and is equipped with the free Beautician Skill Development Training provided by Youth Vision. Since July 2014, her six month baby has also benefited from the nutrition support; YV has provided a set of cereal and milk in weekly basis. 

Neha was very desirous to take beautician training to be self reliant and to run her life smoothly. Considering her interest, YV has been successful to organize the beautician training in support of Fascinated Beauty Training School and the UNODC. The resources for the beautician training in larger extent; and the nutrition support were arranged through fundraising initiatives of YV.

Until, six month back, Neha was a chronic injecting drug user. She even had transferred the drug addiction to her husband and also to her unborn infant.  The drug used even in her pregnancy and after the birth of child had adversely affected the child. Consequently, the child was under weight and showed behaviors that were different than other kids.

We observed an endless cry which exhibited extreme suffering. The child was uninterested and most of the time she was drooling and discharging mucus extraordinarily.